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Treemendus Christmas

21/12/2016 18:57 Written by Shadow_X



Are you a dab hand with the tinsel?


Fancy a chance of getting some sweet chat bling?

Can you decorate your way out of a wet paper bag?



'Tis the season to be jolly and we're looking for some sweet decorated trees from our chatters, show off your tree skills. Whether you're an apprentice elf or a santa of decorations with the christmas lights. We want to see how creative you are.


When your tree's decorated, take a picture with your chat name near it, send it to for a chance to win.


Please note: The email address above is ONLY to be used for the chat competition, it is not monitored 24/7 and therefore cannot be used for anything other than the competition




The Judges will review the photos at the end of the period and announce the winners shortly afterwards, we are currently aiming for a top three but if we get a lot of submissions we may at our discretion award more prizes.

So what's the point, I hear you thinking. Bragging rights and some chat package prizes to the winners We want to give some fun to our chatters as well as something to show off our chatters skills.

Merry Christmas,
Your festively fun games team


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