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06/06/2017 13:44 Written by HarbourMaster

Dear Passengers and Crew,

A few days ago we pushed a new release to the chat. Here's what we've done:

New Email Notifications
We've changed the layout of our email notifications. They look cleaner, nicer and provide you an easy link to the relevant place on the chat.

You'll now get email notifications for the following:
- Registration
- Email validation (with new auto-login link)
- Shipmail notification
- Logbook message notification
- Notification if someone buys you a premium feature or gift
- Notification when someone comments on your photo. 

However, we know no one likes to be spammed. If you're already online, the Captain will notify you within the chat, so we won't send you an email. 

New Welcome Emails
For new chatters, we will provide them with helpful tips about the chat via email for the first few days. To make life easier for our new passengers the links included in the emails will, if already logged in, direct them straight to the relevant place within the chat. If not logged in, will redirect them after the sign in process.

New Exit Process
When you go to quit the chat client, it will now redirect you to your shipmail page IF you have unread shipmails. If not, it will redirect you to your profile.

New Game: Balloon FRVR
Accessible from the top right bar of buttons, a new highly addictive game.

Password Change Update
To increase security of passwords, if you forget your password, you'll now be forced to change your password. We will no longer send your existing password to you.

Secure Login
To keep you as secure as possible online, we've enabled our first stage of SSL secure sign in. If you wish to sign in securely, you can now login at In a following update, we will automatically redirect all logins to the secure SSL page. 

Spam Prevention
To prevent spam comments on photo's, we've disabled the ability to comment on porthole photo's for those under the rank of VIP Passenger (15).

Advert Protection
We rely on adverts to keep the chat running. However, we have noticed some adverts have inadvertently tried to get you to leave the chat client. Clearly this ruins your chatting experience, so we've added some code to prevent adverts from doing this. If any get around our update, please notify a navigator.

Happy Chatting :)


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